Conmed / Linvatec


Over the past twenty years, Conmed Corporation, a manufacturer of high-end medical equipment, has grown at a rate, that for most companies, translates into an operational nightmare. Internally, the company had to develop methodologies to handle all of the complex needs of an expanding workforce, while “controlling” the associated costs. Such was the case in regards to their wireless services. Conmed’s portfolio of phones grew as the company grew including their acquisition of a Florida based company – Linvatec, and as a result, their wireless bills climbed as well. They struggled to stay on top of available rate plans, promotional offerings and needed help negotiating a new agreement with their current carriers.


WBG was hired on a monthly basis  to monitor Conmed and Linvatec’s voice, data and international usage, to reduce their wireless spending and to control their cellular costs. We dissected their expenses by category, created a historical analysis to give us a better idea of trending, approached the carriers with that data and we negotiated a new set of rates. We helped to institute those new rates and consolidated their expenses across all cost centers. The longer-term emphasis was to

a) develop a summarized, monthly report (with action items) reviewed with the Director of IT

b) let employees know their mobile activity was being monitored for proper use

c) develop a more globalized policy of proper use

d) eliminate devices not being utilized on a consistent basis and

e) constantly provide proactive, relevant industry information (i.e. new rates, promotions, technology changes, and legislative changes affecting taxes and surcharges).


Each month Conmed and Linvatec are provided a detailed analysis of their services – which are reviewed with their IT team. The information includes an aggregated dashboard departmentalizing expenses by specific categories (i.e. voice services, data services, equipment costs, roaming costs, ancillary charges) – allowing Conmed / Linvatec to track those expenses month over month, year over year. It’s extremely helpful in determining wireless budgets for the coming year and to chart their results against prior forecasts. The data was also useful for building a business-case with their carrier when requesting the installation of an in-building system at their corporate offices – at the expense of the carrier. Finally, and just as importantly, over the past 18 months WBG has saved Conmed / Linvatec more than $250,000 and is constantly looking for ways to continue to control their cellular expenses despite their growth.