Comcast moves hint at new focus on mobile

It looks as though Comcast is getting more serious about establishing itself in the mobile biz, making series of executive moves, including promoting Greg Butz to head up a new Comcast Mobile division.

Comcast has said it is exercising an MVNO deal with Verizon that will allow the MSO to resell the carrier’s mobile service. The appointment of Butz to lead the new Comcast Mobile division comes after reports surfaced earlier this year regarding Comcast listing jobs for execs with mobile experience and mobile network engineers, noted FierceWireless.

In addition to potentially supplementing its Wi-Fi footprint with Verizon’s cellular network for a wireless offering, Comcast could be seeking low-band spectrum in upcoming auctions. The MSO has registered to bid in the FCC’s 600 MHz incentive auction, which will offer up to 126 MHz of coveted low-band spectrum.

Written by Welcome on July 15, 2016
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