Device Support

Device Support
Improve the end-user experience with a single point-of-contact to handle all mobility-related questions and resolve technical issues faster across all carriers. No more calling 800 numbers or self-administration through the carriers’ websites. Let the Wireless Business Group serve as your conduit for resolving your cellular-related issues.

We provide your company with a single source for ordering equipment  – ensuring only approved devices are selected on approved plans. The Wireless Business Group simplifies the order process while leveraging your corporate discounts and contracted rates.

  • Device Provisioning and Training
  • Interface with Carriers to resolve equipment issues.
  • Wireless User Support for your employees

Wireless Management Outsourcing
Outsource the management of your entire wireless program/inventory to a team with over 40 years of wireless experience, thereby allowing you to focus solely on the duties within your job description. We are completely carrier-independent – which translates to objectivity in the marketplace and a broad-base of knowledge across all of the major service-providers.