As an Information Technology executive, your organization looks to you to provide clarity, leadership and to identify solutions to help make the company efficient and operationally stable.  Now add to the mix a mobile environment demanding more and more of your time, despite the fact you’ve got other work to do like keeping the whole internet infrastructure within your company up and running smoothly.  Where do you devote your attention ?  What role does mobility play ?

You realize growth in mobile usage and innovation has allowed your organization to be connected more than ever before. You’re also concerned about whether or not your organization is competitively ahead of the curve. And, because your eye is always on the ‘bottom line’ you like to adopt new mobile technology at a minimal cost.

With the integration of mobile technologies and diversity of solutions, comes new considerations:

  • Growth in connected mobile devices triggering a shift in employees’ usage habits
  • Data Security (protecting company information in a mobile environment)
  • Mobile Apps (potential viruses, cost containment)
  • Tablets, Droids, iPhone’s, Minis, all becoming part of the Connectivity Mix

The Wireless Business Group seeks to be your mobile management partner as you make critical mobile technology decisions by assisting you with:

  • Hassel-free mobile inventory management
  • Provisioning, training and support for new devices
  • Cost containment through mobility expense management

Because we only specialize in mobile devices – we can help you by delivering the aggregate and flexible analytics you desire at an executive level – enabling you to make wise mobile management decisions. We also support your peers in Finance and Procurement with significant savings, usually an average of 18% or more which makes your cost of partnering with us, in many cases, negligible.